Write by: . Lucy Fallon. Try again. Being from 63rd and St. Lawrence, she repped STL/EBT, Gakirah was openly accepted under the GDs for her fearless demeanor and ability to do crimes that even the men couldnt https://youtu.be/Agx48vem_Dw She was close to Chiraq legends like FBG Duck (RIP to bro) and mentored by gangsters in the game. Tyquan was really close to Gakirah, and this turned her heart even nastier. Tyquan had moved from the Chicago area because of the violence and had only returned for a visit. Today, Gakirah Barnes would have been 25 years old. Rumours surrounding the killer of 17-year-old Gakirah "K.I." Barnes in 2014 have seemingly been put to bed with the release of unsealed police documents. Gakirah was born in January 1997 on the south side of Chicago, an area plagued with gangs and gang-related violence since the 1960s. In a tragic way, it was a sadly fitting departure from this mortal coil. Actress who rose to fame for her role as Zoe on the long-running CBS soap operaThe Bold and the Beautiful. We do a lot of vids on gangs and beefs between rappers and dive into the gang culture, and most times men are the ones doing the banging. She was meticulous in her movements. Try again later. This led to the BDs set being changed to O Block, while GDs changed theirs to Tookaville to remember their fallen soldier. And as K.I., she became a kind of mythic figure in social media, a diminutive. 81: M.anifest: From Madina to the Mecca, Random Movement What A Woman (Orgone, 2005), Check out my new experimental neurofunk mix, full of Current Value . You are only allowed to leave one flower per day for any given memorial. Add to your scrapbook. Just days before her 14th birthday, friend and fellow Gangster Disciples member Shondale Tooka Gregory was shot and killed by rival gang Black Disciples. Please check your email and click on the link to activate your account. Gakirah was becoming more and more of a buggyman to the opps. If she would be alive, Gakirah would have celebrated her birthday with her family, and loved ones every year. Birthplace United States. Gakirah however, took after her FBG friend FBG Duck who is a master of disrespect and what was said to be the cause of his death. Ana Golja. . He was 17 years of age when he was fatally shot. She was pronounced dead at the age of 17, in the year 2014. What up squad, got something special today. "The teen, who once wanted to be a social worker, was now a stone-cold killer who loved gloating about her exploits on social media and flashing her bling. Soap Opera Actor. Learn more about merges. The young savage was only 14 when she caught her first body with a top player in her opps set. Gakirah was born in January 1997 on the south side of Chicago, an area plagued with gangs and gang-related violence since the 1960s. The story went that after popping Odee, Gakirah took his gun and posted a clip with the same gun on social media. Posts. Known in the windy city as self-proclaimed 'hitta', Gakirah Barnes claimed national fame posthumously when she became the subject of Investigation Discovery's documentary "Secret Life of a Gang Girl.". Your account has been locked for 30 minutes due to too many failed sign in attempts. Please complete the captcha to let us know you are a real person. Since age 14, the teen had a well-known reputation for being a deadly assassin. Thanks for using Find a Grave, if you have any feedback we would love to hear from you. Smart as a child Gakirah had aspirations to become a social worker and did well in her classes at school. She wanted to be a social worker when she grew up. Please enter your email address and we will send you an email with a reset password code. Smart as a child Gakirah had aspirations to become a social worker and did well in her classes at school. Now both sides have lost someone close, Tooka from the GDs and Odee from the BDs and Gakirah was at the center of it all. The Story Of the Get Back Gang | The Chicago Gang Documentary: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FV0euaLU6PwNLMB Gang History (Never Leave My Brothers) | The Chicago Street Beef that Claimed Dozens of Lives: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A_XWH5tM9KoGang Land Chicago | An Inside Look at one of Chicago's Most Treacherous Neighborhoods: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JPUWT6cl8KAThis video is about Gakirah (K.I.) The retaliatory killing promoted Gakirah to a respected position within the Gangster Disciples. Which memorial do you think is a duplicate of Gakirah Barnes (204206923)? "If you are a teenager in a gang in Chicago and you kill somebody, your status rockets. Include gps location with grave photos where possible. Last Breath Barnes died how she lived.. by the gun. Continuing with this request will add an alert to the cemetery page and any new volunteers will have the opportunity to fulfill your request. As manager of this memorial you can add or update the memorial using the Edit button below. Sad thing is lil homie got got while visiting. Gakirah Barnes boasted about "killing 17 people" and amassed an army of social media followers. We covered that in a past video, Ill link in the description so you can check it out. cemeteries found within kilometers of your location will be saved to your photo volunteer list. We have set your language to "It gave her a giant reputation as a shooter," Main told the documentary. She released her debut EPSirens to the Moon in 2018. Utilizing drill rap connections and social media, notably Twitter, Gakirah continued to wage war with members of the Black Disciples. "She bragged about being a shooter," one police source said. She was a true Chiraq legend that forever will go down as one of the most savage repping GD. Use the links under See more to quickly search for other people with the same last name in the same cemetery, city, county, etc. In the middle of the day on 11 April 2014, a hooded gunman ambushed Gakirah Barnes on the streets of Chicago's South Side. Search above to list available cemeteries. Share this memorial using social media sites or email. Brown","Erick L. Lacey","Keshawn Marzette","William Larson","Ronell Andrews","Elliott Brown","Phillip Dupree","Antonio Pollards","Michael L. Fernandez","George Anderson","Henry Cruz","Quante Little","Corey Ferguson","Rene Ramirez","Giovanni Salgado","Lionell Williams","Martel Howard","Juan C. Gonzalez","Deante Dale","Courtney Taylor","Derrius Lares","Alphonzo Guinyard","Orlando McArther","Trevon Stiger","Torrence Dortch","Davon Horace","David Martinez","Senclair Hill","Robert Howard","Cory Brown","Claude Cannon","Allen R. Levin","Jermiron Morris","Algie Ferguson","Martice White","Damon Allen Jr.","Floyd Hodges","Demorrow Stephens","Alan Garcia","Roberto Sanchez","Charles Smith","Reginald Brown","Edward Flowers","Paul Sappington","Matabias Biles","Hector Del Rio","Martel Anderson","Maria Ramos","Noe Martinez Sr.","Leonardo Cruz","Rosaura Hernandez","Alexis Cruz","Noe Martinez Jr.","Maria Herminia Martinez","John Mackey","Tony Jones","Aaren O'Connor","Matthew M. Williams","Marques Gaines","Dwight Hughes Jr.","James Lewis","Hassan Childs","Lazane Clark","Reginald Bonner","Latania Anderson","Terrell Peters","Vincente Avila","Lorenzo Garcia","Jeremy D. Hunter","Steven Tate","Lawrence Campbell III","Iaron Brooks","Rashawn Gooden Jr.","Jonathan Luna","Tiana Brown","Richard Thrasher","Terrell Sykes","Raheem L. Robinson","Brian Johnson","Maricela Villegas","Carlos James Hemphil","Nicholas Sion Robinson","Jesus Reyes-Ortiz","Kamil Shamji","Diamond Garner","Shandale Neal","Djuan Williams","Shari Graham","Eric D. Henry Jr.","Frederick L. Brown","William Bustos","Darrin Joss","Tommie Pledge","Natyia K. Bowen","Wavey Brown","Courtney Copeland","Maurice K. Cavin","Gerardo Rodriguez","Ronald Thomas","Cesar Perez","Daysha Wright","Askie Wajd","Paul Woods","Orlando Porter","Tarell Adams","William Smith","Ricardo Montes","Andre Taylor","Marvelle Arnold","Charis Vernell Eaton","Kenneth Renaldo Brown","Antoine Crowder","Taylor Flowers","Lamar Harris","Victor Navarrette","Lucas Spicer","Jeannette Laureano","Tyree D. Grant","Lorenzo Lonnell Lancaster","Jeanette Laureano","Christian Ortiz","Marteace Tiffith","Eric O'Reilly","Marcus Smith","Alcaraz C. Reyes","Jarvis Coleman","Antonio Robert Johnson","Mario Ramirez Jr.","Armani Dickinson","Andrew Love","Cordero Mosley","Cashes McCree","Brion Barlow","Luis Gonzalez","Alejandro Velazquez-Perez","Dejenaba Altman","Demetrius Tolliver","Mario E. Guzman","William George","Petro Rymar","Angel Ortiz","Anthony Heatherly","Babette Miller","Gerwancey Rambus","Aurelio Guzman","Marvin Lee","Deandre D. Trotter","Jonathan Sanchez-Rosales","Marcus Smith","Ramon Ramirez","Lauren Membreno","Diangelo Black","Dennis Bradford III","Arturo Pina","Pierre Loury","Davion Spivey","Pierre Payne","Raymond Pryor","Andrew H. Haynes","Fredrick Lee Blount","Jason Napoles","Michael Williams Jr.","Damond A. Dawson","Kenneth Allen","Kimberly Schnackenberg","Tiara Parks","Gino Carrasco","Justin T. Bowman","Devin Hamb","Darrell Wilson","Davon Barrett","Davharea Wilson","Pierre Island","Glenn Wheeler","Deitrick Stogner","Guadalupe Chavez","Lamar Watson","Willie Pratt","Robert Roseneau","Leonardo Betancourt","Randle Young","Karina Soria-Bautista","Antonio White","Jeremy Parker","Jesus Juarez","Devan Watson","Timothy Hill","Eddy Brooks","Dandre E. Johnson","Terrell Berkhart","Najee Williams","Andres Rivera","Keon Lewis","Michael Montgomery","Carl Handley","Nathan Hicks","Deshawn Thompson","Kourtney Young","Ladarrius Jackson","Michael Cunningham","Jeremy Hosey","Michael Johnson","Kimble Knox","Deangelo Diggines","Marquel Sharp","Ira Cotton","Jerome Wright","Markeesha Starks","Lee McCullum III","Kiara Kinard","Michael Harmon","Mark Vargas","De'Kayla Dansberry","Kevin Milton","Albert Hurd","Willie Jones","Camille Cooley","Marco Mendez","Stacey Fluckes","Eric Nieves","Ashraf Sennouni","Maurice Johnston","James Hooks","Romaine May","Marcus Patrick","Damarcus Williams","Yvonne Nelson","Prince Wilson","David Lee Easley","Michael Wickliffe","Semial Sigle","Gregory Carr","Trevonne Austin","Gerald Sias","Mark Lindsey","Shawn Euing","Kevin Larry","Marshawn Cooper","Veronica Lopez","Damien Cionzynski","Garvin Whitmore","James Taylor","Johan Jean","Fabian Lavinder","Pamela Johnson","Kevin M. Atkins","Kaysar Chako","Victor Felix","Marshawn Clinkscale","Jamaal Bellamy","Henry S. McCann Jr.","Daniel Alcantana","Christian Bandemer","Anthony Howard","Bryson Holman","William Palmer","Darnell Hardeman","Kori O. There was a problem getting your location. You can always change this later in your Account settings. A 20-year-old BD gang member, Odee Perry, was killed by GD in retaliation for Tooka's death, and Gakirah Barnes, A close friend of Tooka's, might have carried out the murder. English 2 years later in retaliation by Gakirahs blood brother G.I. RIP Tyquan Assassin rest easy with Von in the afterlife. Keep in mind shawty is still only a teenager. We will review the memorials and decide if they should be merged. No one was too high or too far from her rage. The teen was a native of the city and had a reputation as . But the set that you rep and the location you bang determines your enemies and your foes. Sound In Depth Audio, Music, Sound Equipment Latest News Blog Site. And when her number came up. Toilet paper was photoshopped onto the dead teen's casket.Barnes became enraged at the "cyber-banging. or don't show this againI am good at figuring things out. The Black Disciples were gunning for Gakirah and she knew it, posting to her Twitter feed in the days leading up to her death tweets foretelling her demise. Gakirah Barnes: The deadliest member out of STL/EBT, Raptology: Rap News Rap Music Rap Contests Rap Articles, Floridas most wanted gangs: 9lokknines AFNF The Army Vs Hotboiis 438. 2 years later in retaliation by Gakirah's blood brother G.I. If you notice a problem with the translation, please send a message to [emailprotected] and include a link to the page and details about the problem. Translation on Find a Grave is an ongoing project. Rest up Kirah. Your new password must contain one or more uppercase and lowercase letters, and one or more numbers or special characters. "She was a real badass gangster girl every bit the definition," former gang member and one-time friend Angalia Bianca said. Well, the future is here. But guess she really was a different breed of savage to live the life she did so recklessly. GREAT NEWS! After logging in you can close it and return to this page. Please try again later. Soap Opera Actress. In the Arnold scharzenegger movie the Running Man a future is envisioned where Americans watch people kill each other on television. "STORY CONTINUES BELOWGakirah Barnes at 13, left, a life of promise and at 15, a hardened gangster.Before being taken off the board, Barnes had garnered thousands of followers on social media. Use Next and Previous buttons to navigate, or jump to a slide with the slide dots. Please log in again. While walking to a friends house she was approached on the street by a gunman in a gray hooded sweatshirt and shot nine times along her face, jaw, and chest. This is a carousel with slides. HHAP Ep. The murder transpired in the Woodlawn Chicago neighborhood. Try again later. Soap Opera Actress. "Everybody was afraid of her." Edit a memorial you manage or suggest changes to the memorial manager. Videos Tagged. When Is Barnes Birthday? Age 27 years old. Slowly she began drifting further and further to the dark side, first just as an associate of dudes living the life, but something happened that changed the course of her life. cemeteries found in will be saved to your photo volunteer list. To add a flower, click the Leave a Flower button. Joe, Big A was shot and killed. Family members linked to this person will appear here. https://youtu.be/as4F7I9J8MY (0:28-0:48). Having lost her father to violence before even turning 1, Gakirah went on to excel at school. Her hook was. By 17 she was dead.Cops say the sickening image was incendiary for gang bangers.And suspected triggerman Odee Perry, 20, was clipped later that year.According to detectives, they believe it was a 13-year-old Barnes who took Perry off the board. Smart as a child Gakirah had aspirations to become a social worker and did well in her classes at school. Not even an adult her mind was carrying a heavy weight of death and bloodshed and it began taking a toll on the Tyquan Assassin. Her heart was in the right place, but like many that live around the harsh environment of the streets, especially one like Chicago, the temptation of the lifestyle is hard to escape. This relationship is not possible based on lifespan dates. Kiara Barnes Fans Also Viewed . At the age of 14, Gakirah became a legend of gangland folklore. Barnes's kill count is unknown, but many believe she was responsible for 17 murders. Through the remaining years of her short life, Gakirah held the title of hitta posing in drill rap videos with a bandana over her face and waving a handgun. Popularity . Data really powers everything that we do; furniture commercial actress Email ; pickleball lessons in the villages, fl 0938825815; English The latter came out to be the truth. Within her first year of life, her father was murdered in a gang-related shooting. . She was running through opps like they were nothing, but the last straw in her long line of murder that brought the end to her life, was the shooting of another GBE affiliate and Chief Keefs cousin Blood Money aka Big Glo. Thank you for fulfilling this photo request. Location: Chicago, IL. Facebook But Barnes was never charged in those shootings because no witnesses were willing to identify her. gakirah barnes death photos. You need a Find a Grave account to continue. Her life was filled with pain and bloodshed. (Chicago Gangs)Subscribe to The Juggernaut Chicago here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCRMbmvSIcb1kU--615VlIeQ___________________________#TheJuggernautChicago___________________________Inked Print Magazine:https://amzn.to/2UmGHXZ___________________________PianoForAll:https://343e19xbzffc81cik-wfb3x884.hop.clickbank.net/ Gakirah wasn't always the killer she turned out to be. Banks","Cleotha Mitchell","Dequan M. Barnett","Gregory Thomas-Bell","Richard Grimes","Rickey J. ki chicago king Von documentary interviews Gakirah BarnesFbg interview O blockO block interview A&s king VonKing Von killedKing Von Instagram liveOtf600Stl e. A woman being accepted in the streets like she was, was almost unheard of, but she became a hitta for any needing a body dropped. Robinson III","Carlos Marshall","Emonie Beasley-Brown","Lorenzo Wiley","Nancy Nathan","Richard Johnson","Alonzo Powell","Jason Smith","Anthony Carter","Taylor Diorio","Claude Bowman","Derrick Baker","Alex Ruiz","Darryl Manns Jr.","Alejandro Valdez","Jaime Ruvalcaba","Howard Hill","Freddie Williams","Noah Cruz","Lucian Dreux","Phillip McCall","Jamal Clayton","Christopher Spraggins","Aaron Gaithan","Stephin Wilkins","Rashad Pratt","Johnny Howell","Brian Nailer","Gary Brown","Chun Xiao Lee","Jamari Minor","Kenneth Alexander","Jalen Stogner","Jeffrey Smith","Yolanda Holmes","Joseph Coleman","Marcus Harrell","Eduardo Acosta","Julia Duda","Larry Porter","Muhammed Kebbeh","Jose Melendez","Jesus Garcia","Mark Woodson","Ornette Massey","Katrina Rogers","Miguel Cruz","Alex Benison","Francisco Gutierrez","Brian Cherney","Jerrell Butler","Devon Fields","Keith Bonds","Delon Brandon","David White","Travon Watkins","Damien Clayton","Efrain Cruz","Dantrell Winford","Delwin Harkness","Thaddeus 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Wrobel","John Serpe","Ronald Hayes","Venzel Richardson","Andre Hughes","Adonta McCoy","Raymond Robinson","Regimond Maxwell Jr.","Davy Easterling","Davy Easterling,","Velma Howard","Michael Redmond","Javan Boyd","Eric Woods","Regimond Maxwell Jr","Cleotha Brooks Jr.","Theresa Spearman","Cleotha Brooks Jr","Robert Udrow","Herbert Goode","Rachel Garcia","Maurice Coleman","Lavita Jones","Michael Munoz","Deandre Baber","Chad Collins","Bernard Catalan","Terrell Wilson","Michael Stewart","Amierah Roberson","Paul Carter","Anthony Higgins","Gregory Shanks","Michael Tingling","Leannia Hall","Alonzo Williams","Jaquinton Walker","Eugene Matheny","Dorothy McGee","Anthony Morris","Marc Campbell","Jareem Jackson","Valentino Taylor","Omar Maslat","Michael Flournoy","Jordan Harris","Darnall Gordon","Adrian Soto","Mario Hess","Andres Servantes","Gakirah Barnes","Shannon Mack","Joshua Martinez","Corey Brownlee","Keno Glass","Trevolus Pickett","Anthony Bankhead","Baby Boy Mora","John Myles","Nicholas Ramirez","Darren Ray","Jordan Means","Veronica Rizzo-Acevedo","Juan Ocon","Timmy Bermudez","Quinton Jackson","Darius Kelly","Demario Collins","Joe Huff Jr.","Leonore Draper","Martavarian Emery","Jaquez Williams","Artez McBride","Cindy Bahena","Benito Juarez","Marvin Turner","Jacob Klepacz","Endia Martin","Larry Martin","Jeromy Ellis","Rickey Hayes","Antonio Mendez","Terrance McNeal","William Bailey","Jabari Davis","Jerald Calhoun","Jajuan Porter","Chasteddy Blocker","William Lomax","Summer Ann Moore","Cesar Nieves","Xavier Tripp","Vaughn Holeman","Victoria McManus","Gabriel Rios","Kevin Roberson","Charles Lee","Kendall Floyd","Aaron Rushing","Ashley Mendoza","Juwan Williams","Richard Miller","Kayshaun Hall","Leonard Goldman","Lewis Jenkins","Maurice Paschal","Robert Waldon","Brian McKinney","Kevin Diaz","Kenneth Anthony","Corteze Reed","Dashawn Johnson","Aaron Feazell","Lance Stanton","Vincent Simmons","Monte Tillman","Paul Pyron","Malcolm Stuckey","Craig Mitchell","Malcolm Stucky","Betty Howard","Malcolm Stuckey","Charles Short","McArthur Swindle","Nicholas Keener","De Angelo Russell","Debra Escobedo","Denero Appleton","Erik Kall","David Hernandez","Donald Williams","Darrien Jordan","Ronald Holliman","Derrick Bowens","Alante Vallejo","Carnesha Fort","Brian Weekly","Kennyone Pendelton","Laquisha Hickman","Nicole Loving","Paris Brown","Brett Ewing","Damian Williams","Dewey Knox","Brandon Peterson","Louis Winn","Brian Johnson","Daniel Jones","Mickel Brown","DeMarcus Boswell","DeKarlos Scott","Taurus Williams","Stanley Levy","Christopher Jones","Ovadiyah Chandler","Tony Purnell","Alan Campbell","Alfred Barnett","Andre Knight","Sharon Bonds","Eddie Jones","Albert Glover","Sonnie Ortiz","Tony Ervin","Ronnie Amos","Michael Patton","Lafayette Walton","Dakari Pargo","Jimero Starling","Shambreyh Barfield","Corey Hudson","Robert Cotton","Joel Bentley","Deandre Brown","Shaquille Ross","William Allen","Anthony Hobson","Kezon Lamb","Donald Ray","Shiquille Salter","Tonya Gunn","Joey Henderson","Cassius White","Jaynisha Scheffer","Marcel Pearson","Bruce Wright","Jasmine Curry","Damion Bryant","Addarius Thompson","William Lewis","Lawndale Nutall","Adam Lara","Nicholas Vaughan","Shamiya Adams","Kajaunce Morton","Brandon Wilson","Jaquan Hardy","Richard Velasquez","Eric Langham","Demond Parnell","Antwan James","Sam Aguilar","Darren Foggey","Anthony Edwards","Samuel Walker","Alvin Ivy","Sam Walker","Steven LaVoie","Orlando Lomax","Antonio Valentine","Devin Pope","Ramon Breceda Jr.","James Watson","Martrell Ross","Jerome Harris","Brian Davis","Vincente Obregon","Darryl Allison","Gabe Stevens","Kashif Tillis","Jeremiah Shaw","Jabari Scurlock","Dearies Arnold","Julio Perkins","Devonte Carthan","LaDarryl Walters","Walter Neely","Sherita Smith","Shaquise Buckner","Damian Rodriguez","Jason Seballos","Kardeon Glover","Amy Holmes-Sterling","Joel Wade","Seadl Commings","Dorval Jenkins","Hsin Su","Antonio Smith","Jadon Johnson","Michael Clark","Andre Byrd","James McCoy","Quentin Graham","Victor Martinon","Marcus McCarty","Amelio Johnson","Joseph Lewis","Arthur Shanklin","Antonio Goode","Erenbira Pimentel-Hernandez","Antonio Hobson","Johnny White","Darius Sept","Ernesto Garcia","Victor Ramirez","Paul Land","Antoine Stewart","Oscar Rodriguez","Nigell Vazquez","Raphael Watts","Giovanni Galindo","Desmond Gunawardana","Miran Cerimagic","Decari Spivey","Nabil Batroukh","Christopher Guadarrama","Shaquille Holmes","Edward Davis","Martell Robinson","Juan Carlos Villalobos Avila","Malcolm Warnsby","Terry Cook","Gabriel Meneses","Michael Wright","Glenford Johnson","Michael Bloodson","Charles Labon","Tamica Riley","Christopher McGhee","Kawantis Montgomery","Justin Marcado","Kamaal Burton","Devonshay Lofton","Dimitre Beck","Leon Austin","Markise Darling","Cortez Rivers","Davontae Harrison","Richard Johnson","Mondele Heard","Arthur Hearn","Deandre Ellis","Malachi Baldwin","Jose Rios","Leroyce Noel","Victoria Kotlinski","Ania Kosinska","Demureya Macon","Miguel Hernandez","Stanley Macon Jr.","Shandel Adams","Camerion Blair","Raymond Murray","Tony McIntosh","Hezekiah Harper-Bey","Milan Lekich","Torrente Pickens","Jackie Roberson","Daniel Jackson","Larry Lee","Damani Chenier","Roddy Comer","Eddie Taylor","Juan Mercado","Joseph Kamen","Alexander Smith","Rodney Wilson","Travis Wright","Genorel Martin","Alexandra Burgos","Laquan McDonald","Matthew Stanton","Stanley Bobo","Reginald Boston","Tepete Davis","Denzell Franklin","Charles Wright","Marc Williams","David Morgan","Bobby Moore","Darryl Owens Jr.","Owen Spears","Oduro Yeboah","Thomas Sanchez","Pierre Peters","Chang Qui","Rayvon Little","Andre Johnson Jr.","Andre Brown","Doug Chambliss","Darrell Tolbert","Gregory McKinney","Joseph Lewis","Lydell Lynch","Donnell Coakley","Kyle Robertson","Deon Gilbert","Johnathan Cartwright","Rogelio Margil","Willis Jefferson","Luis Zuniga","Abylbek Yzabekov","Walter Velez","Aaron Starling","Jataris Arnold","Anthony Jackson","Zoraida Feliciano","Nacurvie Smith","Kendall Warren","Dalon Mobley","Robert Leverett","Larry Thomas","Derick Coopwood","Tyris Ferguson","Krystal Jackson","David Kennedy","Jeffrey Daniels","Ladarius Edwards","Leroy Stinson","Jahakel Clark","Joshua Rockett","Nadia Ezeldein","Oscar Garcia","Darnell Williams","Demond Avant","Mutahir Rauf","James Sweeten","Cedric Goodwin","Tyler Ellis","Guillermo Ocampo","Guvonni Johnson","Leonardo Matias","Marrecus Garrett","Timothy Quirk","Rolando Leon","Tyrece Stornes","Demario Bailey","Shamar Thompson","Torrance Bell","Tyrone Johnson","Matthew Dowdell","Omar Flores","Jose Hernandez","Donatello Herrera","Drequan Archie","Yvonne Augustus","Johnny Coria","Miguel Haro","Ron Hernandez","Ricardo Ruvalcaba","Youman McKenzie","Hakizimana Scott","Trevon Williams","Abraham Cooper","Glenn Houston, Jr.","Dennis Jones","David Drayton","Danial Zaffar","Dominic Delk","James Bradley","Bobby Norwood","Jonathan Lewis","Reginald Jones","Randy James","Marsalis Holman","Damita Collins","Larry Edwards","Joe Bennett","Corie Williams","Chinedu Madu","Johnny Kimble","Michael Harrison","Rene Arredondo","Terrell Campbell","Terrence Harris","Walter Wright","Cornelius Hunter","Bernard Pippen","Shawn Holloway","Derrick McIntyre","Heath Huntspon","Edwin Cook","Darriel Woods","Tyree Harris","Anfernee Durant","Arturo Olivera","Alexander Villafane","Angelo Porter","Mayron Collier","Israel Pena","Leandrew Harper","Savoy Young","Abraham Burgos","Antonio Gamboa","Cierra Moore","Linda Sanders","Curtis Lyons","Kenneth Guise","Janice Coleman","Anthony Diaz","Jamaine McDaniel","Robert Smith","Sherrell Wayne","Jorge Ruiz","Cleveland Head","Lynell Bradley Jr.","Julio Ramos","Malcolm Tompkins","Demarcus Adams","Swan Lockhart","Demarcus Nelson","Derrius Drakes","Bernard Monroe","Albert Turnage","Antinino Walker","Deonte Hoard","Santos Bueno","Jonathan Martinez","Juan Martinez","Linda Soto","Margaret Noble","Rose Herrera","Troy Phelon","Odell Branch","Larry Hardwin","Talal Aljohani","Giovanni Matos","Andre Chatman","Carey Hollis","Elijiah Moore","Deonta Jackson","Juan Warrior","Joseph Burdine","Fabian Echevarria","James White","Terrell Foster","Alexander Colon","Delia Colunga","Dushanti Hassell","Anthony Hayes","Edgar Muneton","Antoine Coney","Uchenna Agina","Michael Ricks","Ronnie Finch Jr.","Keith Stokes","Savon Davis","Susan Mangino-Watson","DuJuane Hall","Joyce Terrel","Charles Gray","Juan Simpson","Quentin Thompson","Jerome Anderson","Azun Buckner","Martell Lawrence","Carvis Milon","Mikal Johnson","Devante Warnsby","Sandra Fellows","David Finney","Christopher Johnson","Brent Nelson","Jennifer Ponton","Bernadette Glomski","Courtney Jackson","Hermenegildo Vilchis","Michelle Malave","Jimmy Madrid","Luis A. Perez","Marshawn Fleming","D'Montre Smith","Jeremy Collins","Mechelle Lewis","Jaquille Reams","Amari Sutton","Rashad A. Abdullah","Nicole Towns","Javante Linson","Timothy Triplett","Ivan S. Kennedy","Eric Washington","Ismael Lopez","Boshaun Jackson","Justin Blanks","Joseph Wayne Luttien","Brian Pridgeon","Kelvin L. Davis","Erica D. Blackman","Nyrere Lloyd","Jerren Jackson","Joseph Williams","Antonio Galtney","Verna Tobicoe","Theo Hike","Marcus D. Franklin","Frankie Smith","Louis Walker","Terrance Canady","Shamari Salter","Jonathan Garcia","Alvin Randolph","Ronnie Montgomery","Laphonso Harrison","Morial Ewing","Maria Sadelski","Edward Maslon","Terrion Mitchell","Ramon Gartman","Eric Magna","Daniel Rivera","Charlie R. Weathers","Carlos Marino","Darius Lee","Ruben Feliciano","Raheem Dameron","Deja Atwood","Lasean Barnes","Xavier Shannon","Robert Richmond","Ronnie Shaw","Felix Diaz","John Rainey","Maria Herrera","Carlos Herrera","Shaquon Thomas","Rudy Avina","Demetrius Hill Jr.","Kristopher Claybon","Kevin O'Malley","Jose L. Velasquez","Byron Driver","Donald Hall","Odell Brown","Master G. Roberson","Graig Stewart","Steven Delatorre","Kenneth L. Williams","Demetrius M. Peebles","Juan Ugalde","Laurance Boyd","Richard Edwards","Jossean Rueda","Richard Rodriquez","Kevin Ross","Jeremy Salinas","Arkeem Shepherd","Devonte Terry","Marquis Chamberlain","Abdula Tate","Dennis Hoosier","Benson Collins","Arthur Wyatt","Kelly Burrell","Thomas Sawyer","David Martinez Jr.","Byron Floyd","Lawrence M. Cox","Demetrius R. Bottom","Martese Gentry","Kimon De'Shon Wheeler","Sam Johnson","Clifton Frye","Shannon Harper","Hammond Dawoudi","Lynell Simmons","Chad Harris","James Jones","Nija Richardson","Cordelro McGee","Lucille T. Barnes","Christan Barlow","Devon Davis","Negeal Smith","Devone Matthews","Eric Turner","Joaquin Rocha","Joseph Rivera","Martell L. Smith","Angelica Escamilla","Adrian Campos","Avery Williams","Vanessa V. Taylor","Edgar Colon","Joseph Gutierrez","Moses Van Pelt","Vonzell Banks","Jose Hernandez","Grover Tate","Anthony Strong","Willie Hunter","John L. Hunter","Dominic Fairley Jr.","John Perry","Amari Brown","Jeremy Spivey","Abayomi Okanlawon","Samson Pension-Smith","Joseph Gaithers","Timothy T. Williams","Kimythe Hubbard","Jovan Dovantae Hopkins","Amon D. Shannon","Keith C. Dixon","Dillan Harris","Tarvares Herron","Eric Loyd","Marvin Carr","Pierre M. Dobyne","Abel Ruvalcaba","Jose Neri","Dimarkiss Scott","Malcolm Willie","Jesus Cervantes","Joel Cervantes","Manuel Arizaga","Marsean Lofton","Vallan K. Francis","Jose Luzianos Jr.","Latoya Jackson","Jemel OBrien","Elbert Farris","Charzelle Harris","Kevin Davis","Cass Singleton","Donell Morrison","Joshua Moore","Joseph Campbell","David Moreno","Darron Thomas","Kenneth J. Wallace","Mujahadeen Muhammad","Corey Wallace","Alprentiss Nash","Jesse Diaz","Taylor J. Lewis","Spencer Stewart","Chris Green","Honorio Hernandez","Vaughn King Jr.","Elton Buie","Adarius D. Hayes","Pierre Resse","William L. Drake","Briona O.